Who We Are

We’re Raizy & Bassie, two sisters raising little children. The messiest but most beautiful job out there.

And the truth is? We’re just like you. Sleep-deprived but totally in love with our babies. When we had our kids, we wanted to wrap our babies in deliciousness without sacrificing their comfort. We looked high and low for a brand that marries comfort with gorgeous design AND quality — but came up short.

…so we set out to create that perfect blend. And Mon Tresor was born.

Why Mon Tresor?

Mon Tresor — ‘my treasure’. 

Our babies deserve the best, and that’s what you find with us; products that are made to treasure and last forever.

When you buy a Mon Tresor piece, you know you’re getting it all.

Not only are our products breathtakingly beautiful, but they’re also incredibly comfortable, and always of long-lasting quality. 

 In a world of fast fashion that pimples and shrinks with each wash, Mon Tresor stands out with truly premium fabrics, sourced from the world’s finest textile markets.  

And our products work as the perfect hand-me-downs because they never look like they were passed down. They are made to be treasured.