Ten tiny fingers, button nose, radiant eyes and soft curls. We loved a very special dress-up doll when we were girls. Though we loved her from afar, because she was a rare antique French design known for her delicate, life-like  features and elegant clothes. Poring over pictures, we imagined the feel of the doll’s fashionable dresses, pulling sleeves over dainty arms and smoothing skirts over chubby knees. To us, she was perfect in every way.

Now, years later, we’re moms who embrace the wondrous imperfection of the hours spent with and for our babies- lost socks, spilled milk, missed appointments. The upside down and inside out daily journey of before dawn to middle-of-the-nightmares.

You know that moment, when you’re on the sixth load of laundry, barely keeping supper from burning or boiling over, and your children do something so unexpected, everyone falls to the floor giggling? That’s the kind of moment we cherish most as mothers- the gift of joy amidst a gentle chaos.

And those are the moments Mon Tresor, named for the dolls we adored, was made for. A line of baby wear and gifts that are beautiful, yet unfussy, and look great through all of life’s surprises. 


The Finest Fabrics
We hand-source the finest fabrics from the world’s best textile
markets to produce soft, refined, supremely wearable — yet
washable — designer collections in organic cottons, rich velvet
and breezy linens. Because nothing is too good for our most
precious treasures.

Delightful Details
It’s the thorough  thoughtful details - such as an included coordinated pacifier clip with each footie - that make our layette special.